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Cash for covered 
medical expenses

Benefits paid 
regardless of other 

Plans available 

No deductible to 
meet to receive payments


Health ProtectorGuard


Hospital and Doctor Insurance


Health ProtectorGuard, underwritten by Golden Rule Insurance Company, is a Hospital and Doctor fixed indemnity plan.  That’s a complicated label for a simple concept—Health ProtectorGuard pays a set benefit for certain medical expenses, the kind that you’re most likely to face during a given year.  Doctor office visits, prescription payments, X-rays, outpatient procedures, even a hospital stay.  Health ProtectorGuard offers coverage for all these and more by paying a fixed cash amount for each.


Nearly 34 million patients are admitted to the hospital each year.  If you needed to stay in a hospital, would your finances be affected?


With Fixed Indemnity Insurance Your Benefits Come First.  With Health ProtectorGuard, you don’t have to make a deductible payment. There are no copays or split payment formula, no drug pricing tiers. You or your chosen provider just submit a covered medical expense, and the amount specified in the plan is paid for that service, regardless of other coverage.


Also with Health ProtectorGuard:


*Coverage is available for individuals and families.


*Plans are renewable up to age 65.


*Plans are available year-round. You don’t have to wait for an enrollment period.


*Choose any doctor or hospital you want. You aren’t limited by a provider network.


Consider a Health ProtectorGuard plan today, and the next time you see the doctor, you can get some help paying the bill.


Health ProtectorGuard has new plans with additional options available in some states. New plan features include:

  • Rolling over unused doctor visits from year to year7

  • Negotiated discount rates at some providers for added savings

  • Wellness/preventive care visit benefits8

See what plans are available where you live today!

Building the Best Coverage for You and Your Family

You can also purchase dental  or vision insurance to round out your health insurance coverage.



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